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Wine​​ ​​​Bretella

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For professional wine servers,the Wine Bretella base is made from closed cell foam to insulate it from the server’s hand. Minimal hand contact is made on to the bottle.The bottle is presented to the customer to appreciate the winery label at the same time your establishment is also visualized from the printed base of the Wine Bretella. The label will not be obscured  by the Wine Bretella. Once expert presentation of the wine pour is complete, the bottle left on the table along with your establishment /logo subtly on the bottle . The Wine Bretella is designed to minimize servers wrist and hand fatigue from repeated pours.   The base can firmly contour to fit most 750ml wine bottles.


Send us your comments and how we can customize to fit your need on the inquiry page.

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                PRICES BELOW REFLECT QUANTITY OF THE WINE BRETELLA PRODUCT.                                                              Images on the products are examples only.

                                                         WINE NOT INCLUDED

                                                   Please keep away from children


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