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Win​e​​ ​​​Bretella

All You Need
to Know

What Clients Commonly Ask Wine Bretella

We want to make sure that you know everything that there is to know about our patented product. Our simple yet functional marketing tool is perfect for wineries, restaurant owners and wine enthusiasts. Designed to not only reduce wrist strain and fatigue from repetitive pours but offers a professional elegant pour while branding your image on each device or just make that special bottle of wine even more special.

To apply the Wine Bretella 
  • Slide the base 1/3 down the bottle.
  • Place the bottle loop on top of the bottle and fix onto the neck of the bottle.
  • Slide the base down to the bottom the bottle. The base is designed to not obscure the wine label.
  • After the cork is removed , place cork onto bottle neck just above the shoulder of the bottle and under strap .
  • Slide the round cork rest up the strap to the cork and secure the cork in place. The cork also acts as a fulcrum when pouring.
  • Adjust the strap until slightly taunt.
  • Place the bottle on the palm of the pouring hand and slip thumb into the padded thumb ring.
  • With the thumb in the ring firmly grasp the bottom of the bottle , gently tip the bottle, pour into glass and enjoy!

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