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Wine​​ ​​​Bretella

Our Humble Beginnings

About Us 

The Wine Bretella is a USA- family owned company. Each Wine Bretella is handmade with pride so a piece of our company is within each device. Wine is more than a beverage. It invites all senses from the initial pop of the cork, the artful label of it's winery, and the aroma of it's bounty. Why should wine be poured like a bottle of beer? The Wine Bretella draws attention to each pour. Customize and have your image,logo business etc imprinted to the Wine Bretella and slip onto your special bottle of wine.  So let's celebrate with every pour!

      May your wine glass be  

                 always half full​..

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide an affordable quality personalized product.  By uploading a picture, special event or to promote a business name / logo to most 750ml wine bottle to offer a visually pleasing wine pour. Wine is meant to share, experience and celebrate. Let's enjoy every pour.